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So tell me whats different about you, now that YOU are born again?
The evidence of a changed heart is a changed mind. The old mindset thought negative and spoke negative. The old man and his mindset had an underserving mindset, everything he achieved he feels unworthy and undeserving of receiving it. The old man and his mindset is fuelled by a “sin” and “guilt consciousness.” He can never be good enough, pray enough, go to church enough, because the old man and his mindset is still active. He has an “end of the world,” doomsday theology and mentality. The new man however has a righteousness of God mentality, He believes he has a future, he is optimistic, not pessimistic, loyal but not legalistic, devoted but not religious and free as compared to the bound and burdened, hell fire damnation, “nothing’s good in this life” preacher. It’s time to ask the question, what’s radically different about the man and woman of God, now that they are born again? If the mindset and conversation has not changed then neither the man, nor his heart has changed. 

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