Why folks don’t like Confrontational conversation

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Oh it’s easy to say “you’re wrong” easier still to say “You’re a heretic.”

“I don’t believe that” is a common objection, but it’s often not the real reason why folks don’t engage in a healthy debate. “I don’t believe that” is simply a useful way to avoid being proved wrong. It’s just a simple way avoid confronting truth and being proved that your ideology dogma our doctrine is way off and false. It’s a simple way to end the conversation and not own up to the fact that YOU don’t know it all.

“I would like to know more” would be a great place to start but that involves humility and makes one vulnerable, but humility is the only way to move forward and learn. What concerns me is that most folks who educate us from the pulpit use their authority as a cover up for their ignorance. Humility is the royal road to education, promotion too. Maybe the best route for dealing with a know all, is “OK, educate me” There again, he should be open for an education in return.

Now let me see, what can we talk about!

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