My STORY…Every day is a Sunday.

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How do you know you are called By the lord to be a Missionary. What events have misplaced you that God can Remake you And cause you to pursue LIFES BEST for YOU!

Here’s mine…..

How I found my dad after 59 years of not knowing my father. How Life is a jigsaw puzzle, every event in your past is a piece of jigsaw God is putting together… Your destiny is the big picture of all those pieces put together

God called me as a lad to preach the gospel in America, I was not influenced by Hollywood we had no tv until I was 14 to influence me, so I knew it was something in me that was pulling on my spirit and nothing else. How can a lad feel so strong about his destiny, and known nothing of his parents, his family background. What makes a young lad pray every day for God to send him to a place he knows very little about?

I was adopted by a couple from Wales who travelled to England to adopt me as their son. They had waited three years for a son and took me from a baptist orphanage who had stipulated that I needed a Christian home and that the adopted parents had to be regular church goers off good standing. 

I had found this out at 59 years of age and marvelled tan the orchestrated plan of God in my life. What are the chances of this happening today? This is one reason why I believe in the God who plans all things for our Good. As a young lad I used to go after school up to the mountains and pray to God. It was 1967, I was eight years of age I remember just one event when was eight, the evening I came home from, my adopted mother asked me where I had been, I said “I’ve been up the mountain talking too God” I turned to me dad and grabbed a nearby atlas and said here’s where Im going Dad, I’m going to Kentucky, Fort Knox in Kentucky.

Now I never knew anything about my birth father or mother neither did I know was adopted (they did not tell me anything until was ten). All had on my adopted birth certificate was my adopted parents and my name Paul Brian Thomas.

The passion was so strong in me to go to America that every night after school I went to my spot on the mountain and prayed to the Lord to send me there. I knew it was my destiny. 

Why would a young lad feel so strong about going to another land when life was good where he lived? DISCOVER HOW I WENT TO AMERICA and found the real gospel of life and how I started on my MIRACULOUS adventure in finding my family whom I had never known.

My Story “EVERYDAY IS A SUNDAY” either by listening to the video above or by reading my story available for download in PDF upon request.

We were a happy family, lived in a quiet village and my adopted dad was a coal miner, they had never been overseas and the furthers they ever travel was to London to adopt me. we had no tv and took holidays in Porthcawl about an hours drive to the coast and the beach. so the thoughts of going overseas to them did not exist, they were contented to live here in the local village and thats why they did part from moving when I was twelve to the next village two miles away. going overseas was not an option to them so you can see their amazement when I mentioned to them that one day I would go to America

My adopted parents were good to me, they took me to church three times on a Sunday, then back again on Tuesday for bible study, Wednesday for the kids sunshine corner, Thursday for pray meeting and even Saturday of all days yes Saturday the day I did not have to go to school I had to accompany my mother to church for her to clean for Sunday following. Every day was a Sunday for me.  

I took my first steps between two missionaries and have been walking between men of God ever since. My adopted dad was an itinerant preacher in the. valleys of South Wales with the AG. (Assemblies of God) when he went preaching I went with him. He would have me recite a poem and he would speak. He was paving my way for a life in the pulpit. The Poem went like this:-

THE WEAVER….”My life is but a weaving between my lord and me.
I cannot choose the colours, he worketh steadily.
Oft time the weaver sorrows and I in foolish pride, forgets he sees the upper and I the underside.
Not till the Loom is silent and the shuttles cease to fly, shall God unroll the canvas and explain the reason why.
The dark threads are as needful in the weavers skilful hands. 
As the threads of gold and silver in the pattern he has planned.”

It was prophetic…. through a series of many events, good and challenging, some not so good, but the threading and weaving was all God’s plan. He was weaving my destiny. 


Your life is no mistake, A Broken home does not need to be a broken Life. God can give you a new hope, a destiny’s dream. Dare to pursue your Destiny.

Don’t blame your parents for splitting up… Refuse to get Bitter, Rather get Bigger! you are bigger than your problem far bigger and your destiny is bigger than your disappointment. refuse to settle for the lesser go for the bigger

Your desires are indicators of your DESTINY. Your gifts are the Divine abilities to make it happen. ADVERSITY is but a preparation for GREATER THINGS, NEVER THE END.

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