14 Characteristics of an Image Breaker

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The Spirit of an Image Breaker Is the spirit of a prophet

1.Image Breakers tear down religious idols of the heart. This is how the prophet keeps himself pure and safe from deception. he has to deal with the fake and the mysterious. Since he is not into mysticism or superstition or mystery everything around him becomes clear,

2.Image breakers deal with that which is fake and false and impose a self standard of truth in their lives. If a man is first true to himself then that which he sees around him will not be so readily embrace at truth. The light within determines the truth without.

3.Image Breakers have the God kind of faith. They believe in ridiculous things like Noah and the flood the  incarnation of God, salvation for all men. The principle is powerful I  Your faith in God determines the level of faith you will active in all others areas of life. If a man can believe in what God says is true then he is more than likely to believe incredible things about himseLf his destiny and his ability to achieve.

4.Image Breakers set themselves a Godly standard to maintain rightness with God and man. Purity is a heart matter, it comes from a clear conscience that then empowers him to make Good decisions

5.Image Breakers make covenant bonds with brethren as Elisha did  with Elijah. Covenant means empowerment.

6.Image Breakers change themselves first (Matthew 18:15-18)

7.Image Breakers confront to reconcile. To an Image Breaker, confrontation has reconciliation as its objective

8.Image breakers hate anything to do with false priests, false religion and fake ministry (Judges 18:4). If a man receives deception in the spiritual realm or receives teaching about God and faith that is in error then he will have a  misleading and even a wrong concept about God and his person. Since it is his priority to know God in person the first thing he gets right is his doctrine of God

9.Image Breakers are the watchmen of God (Ezekiel). events, trends, patterns reveal a picture.the prophet sees it and is so able to warn in advance of coming calamity, chaos and disorder.

10.Image Breakers make mention of the name of the Lord all day and all night long (Psalm 63:6).

11.Image Breakers are a fortress and a high tower to the people of God (Psalm 18:2).

12.Image Breakers are the defenders of the faith once delIvered (Psalm 89:18).

13.Image Breakers possess the spirit of a deliverer (Psalm 70:5).

14.Image Breakers bring sight to the blind (Psalm 146:8 Isaiah 45:5).
Image Breakers know God’s next level for them.


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