Were the Apostles Saved before Pentecost?

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If they were then why did they need to go to the upper room to be filled with the holy Ghost? Since no man can be his The Lords except he has the spirit?

No man can be BORN of God (John 3;5) unless he has the Holy Ghost…who HIMSELF is God (John 4;24).

In Acts those who repented received the holy Ghost this was considered born of God and added to the church (Acts 2;42)The disciples were not baptised in water or spirit until pentecost (Acts 238 John 3;5)No one could be born again until after Calvary for Jesus had not made redemption available until the shedding of his own blood without such there is no remission of sins (Hebrews 9;22).Only in Acts were people born again. Acts is where the church began and the church is the people those born of God.The very first instance where those who followed Jesus was considered to be the CHURCH was in Acts 2;42. AFTER repenting being baptised in water and receiving the Holy Ghost (Acts 2:38)…and THEY were added to the CHURCH (Acts 2;41).

CONCLUSION – The apostles were born again in Acts just like everyone else JEWS and GENTILES “in the early church ….

NOW, if all that be true then Romans 10;9 is NOT the way of salvation….. ACTS 2:38 is.

So, have you obeyed Acts 238Do you preach Acts 238Have you won any souls.. yet?

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