The Woman with the Issue

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The woman with the ISSUES

In Mark 5:25-34, there was a woman with some issues Now there was a certain woman had an issue of blood twelve years and had suffered many things of many physicians and had spent all that she had and nothing bettered but rather greater worse and when she heard of Jesus came in the press behind and touched his garment fr she said If I may touch his garment I shall be whole (Mark5;25-28)

The paralysed Apostolic

The woman with issues. Represents the apostolic church, the apostolic preacher with issues

Yes we, the church, God’s people are the woman with issues. 

We have may issues in the church today, the hair issue, the beard issue, the clothes issue, the modesty issue, the deacons issue, the end times issue, the trinity issue, the tything issue, the post trib mid trib, any trib issue. The prosperity issue. kids have parents issues, Fathers have gender issues, Women have trust issues, can women preach issue, can women teach issue, who can prophesy, who should pray, can a woman pray with her head uncovered issue and so the issues continue like the disease that disease that gripped this woman. Endless!

The issues were killing this woman.

The issues poison us, effect our body, weight us down and cause us to to be crippled, paralysed and stagnant. This woman was ostracised because of her issues. Thats what issues do to the man and woman who live with the problems and focus of past generations and take them and magnify them in ministry. Little realising that issues cut us off from the true blessings god has in store for us. Issues distract our attention from the things that matter to the things that trouble us. Ah the cunning ness of the devil!

The issues have for too long paralysed our walk and dominated our talk. Our issues have paralysed us to the point where we can think of nothing less and dream of nothing more.  Like this woman  she was caught up in what bound her, having a conversation about bigger things was impossible. She was bound in her dilemma and paralysed by her focus.

This woman, this one woman, one is a million, one is the crowd decided that living in exile was not her portion. It might be the portion of others but it wasn’t  going to be be heres.

The crowd was as much her problem as the issue and so it is today. Oh the influence of the crowd! We seek to be part of it and so are inadvertently controlled by it. Keeping our issues alive makes us part of the mob. This woman had to break free. So she “pushed” the crowd she pushed herself among the crowd, thats what we have to do, push our way through the crowd that promote the issues.

She had suffered by the very ones that could have healed her (v26).Now isn’t that an inducement again the church. We often keep the diseased bound and the sick crippled when we fail to see the issues behind the problem. The root of the trouble.

So she took her issues to Jesus, that’s the best thing to do with issues, to take them to Jesus, exchange them for his healing power, yes healing power. We need healing over the issues.

Isn’t it time we pressed through the apostolic crowd and touched Jesus. He is our issue. Jesus only. that’s my issue. everything else is a distraction, be it a religious one or a carnal one. Jesus is the only issue I have.

What did Jesus say after he had healed here

Go in peace and be healed of the affliction. Thats what Jesus calls the issues affliction. But the good news he healed her, immediately. Proving that it was a delverance that she needed

Yes Jesus command was

Go in peace

I dint know about you but I want to minister in peace to those I meet. Rather than push through the crowd I want to go in peace to them. Oh what joy of deliverance. O What peace.My issues are gone I preach Jesus O was peace!Jesus only is my issue!

Brother Paul.

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