Pioneering Tomorrows Church Through Possibility Thinking

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Starting a new work, these ideas may help!Pay off your household and general bills for one year. This takes away any financial pressure that is not associated with the building of your dream church. One you have done this you can now get out of survival mode and into pioneering modeFind opportunities to make money, like it or not you have to get comfortable with money. you cant be intimidated by it and expect to build a ministry empire. If you are intimidated by money and find yourself checking the word to see if its God’s will that you have money then you are ruled buy money. selah! Money must be your tool not your trap if you are to serve the Lord in building anything outstanding in the kingdomSet you goals in ink. Whats your mission statement? have a vision card on it write your vision and mission statement. read it everyday and share it with folks you meet.Have you done your research? No matter how much talent or gifting you have if you have not researched your project, you will fail. research will give you the details you need to effectively build in the right town, to the right people with the right kind of message and the fresh financial backup.Build your TEAM. Surround yourself with experts in their fields and bring them on board. scout the town or city and find these guys, talk to them and  get them interested in your work. Target people who are passionate and can help build where you are weak. Remember Jesus had a team and if Jesus needed a team so do you, so do I.Build friendships with the local people. get out there and begin to connect. Do the leg work first as they say. Your interaction is part of your attraction! you have to be likeable and obviously knowable. know what you’re offering the community and make your offering unique in the city.I’m going to jump up a few points here ( so if you want to read the full document you’re going to have to email me to get the full PDF DOWNLOAD)…..As a church builder don’t be afraid to entertain folks. there is to much negative discussion online about churches that entertain, like it or not churches entertain. good worship and great music is essential to building today’s church. Music frees the soul and is part of Gods structure for the church.finally, dont be afraid of motivational preaching. pole these days need motivation, of course this is balanced by doctrinal teaching also. both go hand in hand.  I hear so much negative talk on these two subjects its unbelievable. yes motivational teaching is a necessity and those who cannot  encourage edify will never equip you for ministry. so make sure you are positive, Christlike and a winner in the pulpit first.Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

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