How To Be Born Again pt1

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 Jesus said EXCEPT  man be born of WATER and SPIRIT HE CANNOT ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN (John 3:5)Did any of the apostles obey Jesus?Yes. all the apostles obeyed Jesus and were baptised in water and spirit Just as Jesus said. They were not just BELIEVERS. Some folks believe in Jesus but they are not born again! Other folks believe in Jesus but are not baptised. Jesus said he that BELIEVES AND IS BAPTISED shall be saved.A man is not saved by repeating a prayer. many have already prayed to God but again they are no0t saved just because they repeat a sinners prayer or raise a hand. NO one is the bible was saved by repeating a sinners prayer or raising a hand. ALL in the bible were BORN AGAIN of WATER and SPIRIT. John 3;5Baptism is for the REMISSION OF SINS (Acts 2:38). that is ones sins are taken away by Jesus when one is baptised on his name in water. This is why we use his name JESUS. for it is Jesus that then takes our sins away. we call on his name the name of Jesus. whosoever shall call on the name of Jesus shall be saved Romans 10;9. When do we then call on the name of the Lord? Upon baptism. Arise and be baptised calling on the name of the Lord (Acts 22:16)Side Note: (The apostles were commanded to preach the remission of sins. Only thought baptism can sins be remitted Baptised for the remission of sins (Acts 2:38). Romans 10 was not written until 24 years after Pentecost.Romans 10:9 was not preached by the apostles therefore no one in acts was converted by Romans 10:9 gospel message).How then were they saved? The thousands of souls that were born again in Acts, were born again according to John 3:5 and Acts 2:38   ‘Born of water and Spirit’ and NOT born again by raising a hand and saying a sinners prayer.Jesus told his disciples TO MAKE DISCIPLES BAPTISING THEM IN TO THE NAME (Matthew 28:19).Jesus also told them… “whosoever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them; and whosever sins ye retain, they are retained” (John 20;23). Jesus was referring here to the fact that the apostles had authority to remove sins through baptism. The same John later in his epistles revealed that there were three witnesses to those born of God. We thereby know that baptism in water in the name of the Lord Jesus is the witness of water. (1 John 5:8).Here is the way of salvation. what the bible calls the narrow way. Its the way of death burial and resurrection, ie by following this wat we follow Jesus who Jesus who died was buried an rose again. This is the new birth.Baptism means I was BURIED with ChristSo too were my sins and my old nature.Baptism represents the death of an individual, when the believer is baptised he (after death) can not be held responsible anymore for the crimes he committed. death ends all. similarly baptism is a death and a burial ‘Know ye not that as many of us that were baptised into Jesus Christ (Romans 6:3).’buried with him in baptism (Romans).When a believer repents he is CRUCIFIED with Christ,this begins his identification with Christs death burial and resurrection. And they that are Christs have crucified the flesh (Gal 5:24) Paul said he was crucified unto the world (Gal 6:14). so we have crucified with Christ, buried with ChristWhen a believer receives the Holy Ghost he is RISEN again with Christand risen with Christ (when we receive the Holy Ghost after coming up out of the watery grave, this then is the three fold salvation  of a DEATH BURIAL AND RESURECTION. Born of water and spirit. NB Today’s easy believism |(asking Jesus into Your heart message) rejects the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus by simply not applying its necessity for the believer. See 1 Cor 15 and there we find that the death burial and resurrection is precisely the gospel that Paul as well as Peter preached and goes hand in hand with Acts 2:38 as the outward working of following Jesus.TBC……

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