The Unstoppable Adventure of Faith.

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Quit doubting, questioning and postponing the Big thing God has for you. Step out and do it then God will show you how small it is and take you to the next level… He’s right, eye has not seen.. and no matter where you are, you will always say this is too small here, God keeps what’s not seen, unseen so that when you see nothing you step out anyway. God keeps what’s not seen, unseen that way your life is never mediocre but an adventure. God keeps what’s not seen unseen, so that you’ll always Be be brave and press towards the high calling with your confidence  growing everyday.When you pursue things that are unseen your life becomes an adventure and your gifts become formed,  you will always take a risk and not a short cut and do it anyway. Why Does God keep what he sees a secret, well if we see it, we would always think, “that’s it!” No a thousand times No, this is not it, There’s more, yes more unseen things for you to chase and go after.  You’re on an unstoppable adventure of faith! 

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