intimacy with God

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Stewards of The mysteries of God

#02 Intimacy with God

By Paul B Thomas

Topic: Intimacy with God

Scripture Reading:

Purpose: Christianity is not a religion Christianity is a walk with Christ. Christ who is the life seeks to give us an alternative life, by his holy spirit. We can like the saints of old walk with God and talk to God and live the god kind of life through following he life of Christ

1.Jesus walked with God search the scriptures for in them ye think they have eternal life; and they

These papers are written By Paul B Thomas for the propagation of the true gospel of Jesus Christ, the understanding of the apostles doctrine and the revelation of Jesus Christ.

NOTES:  Today many are into entertainment reading, they read whats amusing and news breaking, scandalous and  world. Confession and repentance must be the consequences  of devotional reading (Charles Coulson) Our devotional reading should be long term, as we aim for total transformation over a period of time, hence it must become a discipline and not a quick fix or quick read or a momentary habit that becomes customary. Total transformation is possible with daily heart seeking devotional reading.

Questions to Consider: Whats my daily reading patterns?  We can listen to youtube preaching but reading allows you to form your own views and the Holy Ghost to illuminate and uncover truth specifically to you. Reading requires  your mind to dig deep. Hence reading is more beneficial than watching media.

For further Study: Jer 30;2; 2 Tim 3;16; 1 Peter 2;2,3; 2 cor 1;20; John 14;20,21;

Literature: visit brother Paul on amazon for pentecostal/ apostolic ebooks

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