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The Spirit of Issachar

Issachar is a strong donkey, lying between two burdens. He saw that rest was good and that the land was pleasant, and bowed his shoulder to bear and became a servant unto tribute  (Gen 49:14). 

 There exists a people today and indeed individuals who function under the anointing of an Issachar. Positioned between two generations, they link the by-gone generation with the up and coming generation. They are set between two burdens, two moves of God, the move that has been, and the move that will be. The revival back then, and the revival coming here now. 

No man can just simply call himself a prophet without a passion for the burden of the Lord and a willingness to get up and under that burden. A placing of oneself under ‘tribute.’ A true prophet won’t just declare something but will also put his hand to the plough in order to make it happen. And that while having the burden the burden has him to the degree that he becomes a co- labourer in its birthing and building 

Proverbs 12:24 says the hand of the diligent shall bear rule; but the slothful shall be under tribute.” Here again is the word “tribute.”  Which is defined by strong’s as “Mic” meaning “a tax in the form of forced labour.”  When someone is a citizen of a country he pays a tax to the government. It is his legal duty to the government as a citizen. In this sense, a prophet therefore has a duty to his government not only in declaring his word but “positioning himself” making himself available to doing whatever it takes to build the house of God here on earth and prepare the ground or the land or the ministry for that which he sees coming in the future.

See you can’t be a hit and run prophet! There’s a ‘tribute’ to pay. A work to be involved with, a ministry to partner up with a church to connect to and make something happen.  There is no “tax exemption” for prophets.


They know what Israel aught to do. 

In the spirit realm there is always something that God’s people ‘aught to do. 

A Prophet discerns the ‘timing’ of The move of God and prepares himself to receive the Word of God. Both go together. The word releases the move. A word in season births a new season. It has to be prophetic, a revelation

Its knowing the cloud you have to follow and the fire you have to abide by in the night. Knowing when it moves you too can move and will move.  A church that is moveable is a church that cannot live on the wilderness a church that is shiftable will never die in the wilderness A ministry that looks for fire can never lose its zeal.

The prophet discerns the timing and stands in the gap to activate and initiate change. Many churches fear change or don’t want change. The prophet can’t help but bring and birth change. A man cannot be a prophet without being an agent of change. As long as there is a church, it will be found going through the, seasons of changes. You will always have those who will embrace it and those who will oppose it. So the prophet is there ‘in between.’  

The spirit of Issachar discerns a kairos moment to that takes them into an opportune time

“Kronos” and “kairos.” 

The lepers outside the cityPeter and John standing at the gate called beautifulThe prophet Elijah challenging the prophets of BaalJesus at the well. The right message for the right woman at the right timePeter at the Jerusalem megafeast. Telling a global audience “this is that”“That’s” a kronos moment.It’s a discerning form this and thatknowing when to move and when to stand stillKnowing when God has spoken and know what he’s saying when hes silentYour this has to become thatand your that has top become a thiswe live for this!An Issachar waits for that Pentecost to come. Are you? Its symbolic of the wedding at Caana. Whenever folks run out of wine we need a new Pentecost. A moment within a moment a moment in time just one moment in timeThe church today has run out of everything. And almost walked out of the wedding.  Maybe like the wedding at Caana we will at last be like mary and fianlyl ask jesus what he can do! For too long weve asked

Jesus said unto her’ “Woman What does that concern have to do with me my time has not yet come.”

Whatever you do never speak like that to your mother “Woman.” I can imagine Mary feeling a bit annoyed at Jesus sharp response that probably cut her like a knife. With a bit of a huff about her she turns to the disciples and looking at them with a don’t mess with me kind of look sharply said to them, ‘hey, whatever he tells you do it.’ 

Yes mam!

The next moment, we see Jesus pouring the water and making the wine. Now that to me is remarkable to think that Mary had so quickly got Jesus to change his mind. Just seconds ago he was telling her that the time was not ready, now hes pouring wine into the waterpots, why! Mary had recognised her “kairos” moment. She recognised that a season could begin if she had audacity enough to see no other option before her but “wine.”

She recognised her kairos moiment

One moment she had and one moment was all she needed

It’s a “divine encounter.” 
It’s a specific time.
It’s a one off time.
It’s a miracle moment.
A defining moment!~
A concluding moment!
A life changing moment!
An encounter with destiny!
An appointment with eternity!
A breaking loose of your history!

It reminds me of that scripture “concerning the work of my hand command ye me”  Mary like Issachar discerned what Israel aught to do and in so doing positioned herself between a two burdens. The miracle that was needed and the miracle that was about to be. She literally placed herself under tribute. She had the spirit of Issachar.  Itis interesting to note that tell us we can redeem the time kairos. In other words God is not holding back revival from us rather he is waiting for us to redeem the time those miracle times those past revival times.

Where are the outcasts who will redeem the time. Where are the men outside of church stuff who will not take for an answer? Where are the men who will recognise their “kairos” moment?

Prophets with the spirit of Issachar will raise the dead

Like Ezekiel they will prophesy to the dead bones and command them to live.
Like Mary they will speak to those who carry water and
command them to fetch wine.
Like Peter they will speak to those at the gate and cause them to come in leaping and dancing and praising God.

Mary visited a wedding and spoke life to a couple. Ezekiel visited a graveyard and prophesied life to a cemetery. God’s end time prophets and prophetesses will command all that is dead dormant and dying in the church to one again take on life. Dead dreams, dead hopes, dead relationships dead services and command them to live.

“And breath entered into them” these are the inspirers latin “inspirare” those who breathe God’s oxygen into the church. Those who bring the bread and wine the real Melchisidek priests. Those who say no to funerals when we should be having weddings, those who refuse to aprticupate in dead dormant, lifeless, religious activity that saps the life and very spirit out of a church.






Why isn’t every church service supposed to be a wedding. a celebration of the wine that was poured out at Pentecost. Was not that the day of the marriage supper of the lamb! Maybe some folks are so busy waiting for the marriage supper that they have forgot the wine days are here now. And it’s time to celebrate our “kairos” day before your wineskin gets hardened. 

Apostles with the spirit of Isachar are positioned between something “great” that was and something “better” that’s coming your way.

Why they are positioned between what man is doing and what God desires to do Positioned between two burdens, the burden of the past and the burden of the now. Between two seasons, the one that you want over and the one you want to begin. Between to jobs, the one you hated and the one you’ve always wanted. Between a yesterday and a tomorrow. Between falling down and getting up! Between a cry and a praise. Between a heartache and a victory.Between a breakdown and a breakthrough.  

Between having church and being the church, between drinking water and drinking real wine.  Between our forefathers burden and our burden for todays generation. Positioned between two kings a Saul and a David, an old move going and a new move coming. They are not prophets who want their voice to be heard but prophets who will speak out God’s “Now” word and place their shoulder to a burden. 

The true prophet is not one who prophesies but one who will match his prophecy with his pay check! one who will place his shoulder into the burden of the Lord and put himself under tribute. 

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